Surprise Proposal at Oasis One Mile Port Stephens

On the 16th November 2016 I met up with a beautiful couple, Ty and Tiarne, at Lisa Singles make up studio to get them ready for a couple shoot I had organised to promote my couples photography packages.

What Tiarne had not realised was that Ty had actually planned on asking her a very important question. A question that he had been keeping secret for months and wanted to ask in a very special way to show Tiarne just how special and loved she was.

While Tiarne had her hair and makeup done, Ty was asked to come and help set up the couples shoot........ where really.......... it was to get Ty to the location.

I organised for Lisa to run late with the hair and makeup so we had time to show Ty everything and make sure he was happy, not to nervous and ready for the big moment.

Ty was hiding his nerves well, not like most of the vendors helping him as we were all nervous, so very excited and ready to share happy tears with Tiarne in a few minutes.

As Tiarne arrived, I met her at the beginning of a path where she walked over a little bridge, by the beautiful pond, to an opening of trees. Photo frames were hanging on the trees and showcasing many fun, loving and random moments both Ty and Tiarne had shared over their time together.

As she kept walking she could here beautiful music and started to seem unsure on what was going on.

As she waited by another path I rushed over to get into position and she was directed to the area where Ty was waiting.

As Tiarne came around the corner she was surprised to see our beautiful vocalist Jorjia singing Amazed, a beautiful table decorated by A Beautiful Occasion and a sign asking one important question.

Ty then came around a corner and walked up to Tiarne, got down on one knee and asked Tiarne if she would marry him.

A surprised but very excited Tiarne of course said YES!!!!

With a few tears from the vendors and huge smiles by all, Tiarne and Ty celebrated with champagne ( a gift from A Beautiful Occasion ) and an engagement shoot.

I wish this amazing couple all the happiness in the world and I look forward to capturing so many more beautiful moments.


Jessie D Images

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Photography - Jessie D Images

Photographer Assistant - Siobhan

Location - Oasis One Mile Port Stephens

Styling, props and flowers - A Beautiful Occasion

Vocalist - Jorjia Perfrement

Hair & Make up - Lisa Single

Treats - Clean Eats and Healthy Treats

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