Wednesday 2 Decemeber 2015

~ Zac & Jordyn's Wedding Day - 7 November 2015 ~

I met this beautiful couple early in the year and was excited to help capture their amazing day.

I knew I was in for a rather fun day with this couple and their family.

Zac and Jordyn planned to have their wedding day at the amazing Murray's Brewery Bobs Farm  Port Stephens.

It was one of my favourite venues to photograph at as not only is their food super yummy but the staff are amazing and a whole lot of fun to work with.

Even though we had horrible weather all week the big day arrived and the sun was shinning.

I headed to photograph the boys getting ready and to my surprise they were all suited up ready to go....

The most organised boys I have met :) I even had to get them to undress a bit for some photos I wanted to take haha.

It was a good laugh with Zac and his groomsmen and I even tried to help get the family dog back from under the fence.. See I go above and beyond for my clients.. 

I was then off to visit the girls in a beautiful holiday house... the handmade wooden furniture was just beautiful and all the girls looked stunning.

Jordyn was already glowing and looking beautiful.

Another little stunner was the flower girl and it was so cute to see her expression when she was given her dress and accessories. Perfect for a little princess.

It is always a lovely moment to see when the Father of the bride first see's his daughter all dulled up for her big day.

Whilst I was at each house photographing the boys and then the girls I took portraits of each person to do a little brady bunch type collage.. 

Off to the ceremony I went to meet up with one nervous but excited groom very much looking forward to seeing his soon to be wife.

As Jordyn walked down the isle with her proud father you could see how much Zac adored her..

Most people have a favoruite part of the ceremony. Mine like many is when the groom first see's his bride walking down the isle. You sometimes get the nervous smile, the excited smile, the smile that says 'Damn she is looking good' or the tear.. Zac did not disappoint. 

With a little tear and beautiful smile I know his reaction made both myself, his mother and the celebrant all tear up along with him.

The ceremony was beautiful and you could see just how much this couple not only loved one another but were very much destined to be together.

After a touching ceremony the bridal party and I had a bit of fun with some group photos. I did fall to the ground a few times from laughing so hard with this group. It was a ton of fun


What can I say.... firstly... the DJ WAS AWESOME. I would highly recommend Nathan Short to anyone.. The music was so great but he also interacted with everyone. 

Ok So the music was good. The food was AMAZING and the people... well not only were they are ton of fun to photograph and hang out with but they also were bloody good dancers.

I even ended my night joining in the Nutbush with the mother of the bride. (My favourite reception dance haha)

All in all Zac and Jordyn's wedding was filled with a whole lot of love and laughter. 

It was a true pleasure being apart and capturing their wedding day.

I wish them all the happiness in the world.

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